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How it works

How it works

We have developed a modern and easy way to track, check and manage the quotation you will receive by email. This will make it easy for both you and us to follow the progress and avoid mistakes.

“The lowest bid never equals the best job,” we recommend bringing in at least three contractors and getting written estimates from each. “Some give cheap quotes just to get the job, cut corners and install low-quality products.” Read more about SCAMS. The written estimate should include details (e.g., exact cabinets, hardware, flooring, not just “new room”), and an explanation of how design changes are handled.

If your estimate doesn’t include these, the contractor is either not very thorough or he’s underestimating the project. Make sure your chosen contractor is professional, easy to talk to, and goes that extra mile to give you the best result. Check on the internet if the contractor has an office, a website, and an email address. These are good signs. Is the quotation professional, complete with great details? Also a good sign. Paying a little bit extra always gives you more value.


First contact with us

We received your email, Line message, or phone call.
We set up a day and time to visit your property. It is essential for us to view the work to be done in order to present a correct quotation. We don't do estimates. This will also eliminate eventual misunderstanding further down. 
Then we will start to produce a written quotation. You will receive the quotation via email. We always break down and separate all the different tasks. If you do not want us to do one or more of the specified tasks, we will delete them and send you a new quotation. It is very important that you check and understand all points in the quotation because we will follow it to the letter. Anything NOT stated in the quotation will be charged extra. This service is free. Please fill in our form HERE

Evaluate the quotation

The quotation will be valid for 30 days. Open the sent email and click on "View this quote". If you can not find the email, please check your "Junk" folder or contact us.

If you want to go ahead, open the email and please click on the "Accept quotation" button. We will then contact you to discuss when to start work or start work on a previously agreed-upon date. Normally we do accept working schedules after the quotation is accepted. This scheduled work start can be accepted only if the work will start on a future date. For immediate work start, we follow our rule - first in the queue to pay the deposit gets it done first.

Payment invoice

You will receive an invoice automatically directly after you accept the quotation. You then pay a deposit of 60% of the total offered sum before we can start to work. The rest must be paid midterm 25% and when work is finished with 15%, paid the day we finish work AND you approved all the work done.  Click on the "View this invoice" button to see the complete invoice. You can print it out.

You will receive a new invoice every time you make a payment. This, together with your payment slip serves as a receipt.

Inside the Invoice, you will find the payment bank transfer information.


We work professionally and deliver high-quality work and will never abandon a customer but mistakes do happen. If something is not done well enough or any other reasonable default occurs, we will come back and fix it at no extra cost. The guarantee depends on what work has been done. Example: paint walls - 3 months. The guarantee for installed hardware would be the same as the manufacturer offers and can only be claimed directly from the hardware supplier.

Our company goal always is to achieve quality work and happy customers.