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Electricity service Pattaya


Have an electric problem in your home? We can fix it and also install new electrical appliances or outlets both inside and outside.

Any kind of electric work. Install, repair, and service the air conditioner.

Your electric system is one of the most important in your house/condo since it is a potential accident threat. It can cause personal injury as well as a fire outbreak if too old and/or wrongfully installed. Besides that, it can also damage electronic appliances and overall become annoying with frequent breakdowns. It is no fun when your electric system goes down, your house becomes pitch dark and you can not watch TV, take a shower or cook food.

If your electric system is at fault you might have a problem with your insurance, not be able to receive compensation for damage done.

Below you can read about improvements that will protect your system and other tips that you can benefit from. One of the first things you should do is to replace your lamp bulbs with the LED technique. That will lower your electric bill which makes it more environmentally enhanced.

Electricity service Pattaya


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Electricity service Pattaya
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