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renovate in Pattaya

avoid scams

Avoid scams

Avoid scams and/or upcoming problems How to avoid scams when doing renovations It is common in Thailand that the full payment is divided into two or three-part payments. This is fair for both buyer and the contractor. a 50/50 split is most common for smaller amounts, around 10-99.000 thousand THB. If the total amount exceeds a certain sum, like 100.000 or more a fair split… Read More »Avoid scams

Renovation mistakes

Avoid Renovation mistakes

9 renovation mistakes Mismeasuring for Cabinets This is one of the costliest mistakes. “People buy kitchen cabinets, have them installed, then realize their fridge doesn’t fit,” says Jonathan. The fail-safe: Measure and remeasure.  ‘Measure 10 times and cut once.’ Print out specs for the appliances you’re using and compare them to the plans for the cabinets with the cabinet installer. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor “The… Read More »Avoid Renovation mistakes

Renovate in Pattaya

Reliable Renovate in Pattaya

Do you need help with repair, renovation, fixing things, or others? We have 15 years of experience in building houses, taking care of condos, and more. English/Thai speaking staff. Work done for the highest standard. Sooner or later your house/condo will need to be freshened up. Do not wait too long. It is cheaper to repair in time than wait for the problem to become… Read More »Reliable Renovate in Pattaya